Abbie St. Claire discovered writing through the form of personal journaling. As a young girl, she became fascinated with the creativity of storylines used in mid-day dramas (soap operas) and evening dramatic series (Dallas, Falcon Crest and others of the ’70’s and 80’s.)

St. Claire enjoys cooking, spending time with large groups of family and friends when she’s not traveling. She writes from the kitchen of her family home in Dallas and if you visit her, you can always find a stash of gourmet cookie dough in the freezer, which she clearly divulges as “a huge passion and enormous addiction.”

The writing style of St. Claire includes elements to keep the story real and characters relatable. She wants the reader to live in the world as if they were the characters themselves.

Whether it’s a contemporary romance or romantic suspense, there will definitely be sizzle and sass between the covers.