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Coming In June:

“It Happened At 51”

My first Romantic Comedy!

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Abbie St. Claire brings you her delightfully sexy and comical entanglements of a middle-aged divorcee…

Ever wake up one morning and ask yourself, “This, this right here is all I have to show for my life? This is what I struggled in high school as the outcast for? This is why I crashed dieted in college to lose 40 pounds for? This is what a failed thirty year marriage looks like? This?”
I did just that!
When I was 50, my world was rocked when my husband found a younger woman. Not wanting to follow in his footsteps and become a Cougar, I began to hole up in my sadness. I came to the conclusion that having a career and getting my only child out of college was all I needed and wine and Lifetime Television was my comforting companion.
I was incorrect! Wrong on so many levels. Let’s face it, Mr. Duracell can work, meh, okay some of the time, but I missed the strong arms of a man wrapped around me. I missed sharing dinners with other couples. I missed a life outside of my four walls.
Let’s face it. Who’s kidding who? I missed real, vibrant, crazy SEX!
Then it happened. Everything I’d missed out on began to happen when I turned 51. I discovered what sexting was… and wasn’t. I found out there’s such a thing as Facetime for adult play and holy cow, Mr. Dirty Harry came into my world in a kinky way.
I soon realized that and Plenty of Fish do not always have all the Mr. Rights: Rights for me, Right for no one and possibly not even Right in the head.
Then there was Collin, sexy on every level, but performance nil when whisky is in the till!
It Happened at 51 will keep you laughing and guessing as the author turns life upside down and shakes out all the madness to find her happily-ever-after.

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Kindleworlds cover_edited-1 Low ResWillow Alders is looking for a new start and leaps at the opportunity to work for an elite marketing agency in New York City. With the pain of Dallas in her rear view mirror she clings to her new motto, “The past is a statement, the future is a question.”

Tate Conway treats women like his racing opponents, one and done, but lately, his conquests have left him looking for more, and seeking solace in the bottom of a beer bottle.

Her first assignment at the agency forces Willow to face her past with the handsome racing devil, Tate. When she accidentally spills her coffee on him, Willow burns a track straight to his heart, can he shift her attention his way or will this be the greatest loss of his life?

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Widower and orthopedic surgeon, Ian Briggs has room in his life for two things, his practice and his son, Oliver. A forced relocation shakes up more than his sense of direction when he finds himself captivated and lusting for his new neighbor.imac s

Chelsie Peterson is piecing together the shattered fragments of her life. A divorce from her cheating and emotionally abusive husband leaves her a single mother and doubting her value as a woman.

Fiery impulses entice Ian and Chelsie to surrender to a passionate and inconvenient romance. Is there more than the desire to escape the frenzy of life that binds them?

Chance made them neighbors. Chemistry makes them lovers. Will fate make them a family?

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International Best Selling Author Abbie St. Claire brings you Book Two of the 5th Avenue Romance Series. Complicated on 5th Avenue will guide you through the journey of Chelsie Peterson’s self-discovery and whether or not she can trust her instincts to fight for the man she loves.

Cimac san love live somewhere in between the bends of heartache and dishonesty? Is it closure when only one person says goodbye?

Chelsie Peterson and Ian Briggs were on the verge of happily ever after when a tragic accident takes everything away.

Unable to move forward, Chelsie continues to hold on to the love of her past. Men try to get her attention, but she has no interest. When she ventures down the easy, ‘no complications’ route and hires an escort for an important event in her life, she’s faced with temptations and decisions she didn’t forecast. Can she finally say goodbye to her memories of Ian and hello to a life with Jason, or will it become too complicated?

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imac sAuthor Abbie St. Claire brings you the 3rd installment in the 5th Avenue Romance Series. There is no cliffhanger in this installment, you will be captivated by the happily-ever-after.

What harm is there in having a little romance with the man next door?

Chelsie, a single mother, knows what it’s like to feel loss and regret. Her drive to wake up each day is her precious son Ty, but even her strength has its limits. The world was a cold and lonely place until she saw handsome sports physician, Ian move in next door.

Abusive, troubled, addict was the label everyone in his life gave him, and Ian lived up to that reputation until the day he discovered he was a father. When a horrible accident cripples him mentally and physically, his hard won sobriety is left hanging by a thread.

The attraction between Ian and Chelsie is electric, and they can’t help indulging in one night of passion. When Ian is forced to move to California, Chelsie keeps a secret that could harm them both. Can Ian overcome his addiction and prove he’s the man Chelsie has been dreaming of?

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